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Mark Boles

top 302017 Concord (United States)

What can I say? My work is not about me. I have love. I have joy. I believe in Jesus Christ and the freedom of all people to find love in their own way. I want my clients to forget me and remember the moment. To feel those moments time and time again.

minimum price 150 $ for 1 hour of work
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You'd never know that Dana was once overweight and unhappy with her appearance. We all read and see stories of people who decided to make a change and made it happen. Dana is no different. She said enough is enough and went for it. We had such an amazing time on this shoot. Everyone is so proud of you Dana!

Follow me on IG: @pureallurephoto Thank you! Have a wonderful day!

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Mark Boles About

True passion transcends physical boundaries seeking every opportunity to grow. Bunny (pictured center) expresses herself through ink at Henna Charlotte. The details and intricacy of her work is absolutely astounding. Emily of Emmy Eff Designs.(left) speaks through her skills as a metalsmith and the amazing jewelry designer who created the rings, bracelets and necklaces you see in this image. Mary-beth Arthur (top) feeds your mind and soul with her ukulele. Mariah van Kleef (right) has such a beautiful voice that speaks so much more than mere words. When these artists asked me to photograph them I wanted every image to somehow capture the passion and talent they possess. This pose spoke to me on so many levels. Take from it what you will. It was truly an honor to work with these talented and beautiful ladies.

Find us all on Instagram or the Web:
@hennacharlotte Henna Charlotte
@bunnymwelsch Bunny Welsch
@emmyeffdesigns www.emmyeffdesigns.com
@emmyeffrocks Emily Powell
@riah_roux Mariah van Kleef
@marytothabeth Mary-beth Arthur
Photographer: Mark Boles

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