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Mouhsine Idrissi

top 302017 New York (United States)

If you ask me if I am an artist ? I will say only you can judge.
If you ask me what I am ? I will say I am a historian.
If you ask me what I do ? I will say I operate a time machine.
If you ask me what I want to do ? I will say be able to stop time.
If you ask me what I want to be ? I will say invisible.
My inspiration comes from those who are around us, those who are making our life better and safer without expecting anything back from us, from those who are in need of help and instead of asking for help they ask how they can help.
Photography for me is not only a way of making money but also a way to give back to the community. Using photographing to support others makes feel happy and accomplished.

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Mouhsine Idrissi About

This is the portrait of artist Jay Gonzalez, he is one of the 16 artists that I selected to participate in the project "Painting Linda" about columbian artist Linda Riveros. Linda Riveros was born without arm and uses her feet to paint. At the end of the project I took portrait of all the artist expressing their gratitude to Linda Riveros for being their inspiration and for getting the community together to support one of their own, they used the hands and arms to express that emotion.

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Mouhsine Idrissi About

As a give back to the community I decided to start "Into the artist soul" a project to help the UCMP Union City Music Project, a non profit organization that teaches music to the community kids. The project consists on taking environmental portraits of community artists. Every portrait takes about 4 to 5 hours to set for the final portrait, the artists are not allowed to see their environmental portrait until the day of the show and for their collaborationi I take a portrait of them that I share with them To thank them for participating in this project that is putting the community together.
This is the portrait of artist Jay Gonzalez, one the artists participating in the project.

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