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Sara Westmaas

top 302017 Rotterdam (Netherlands)
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Sara Westmaas About

The beauty in the cage !

The beautiful woman behind the cage represents the time that we live today.

Women are occupying more and more space in the society, with many examples of overcoming acts, daring actions and obvious capacity, which make us to be proud of being women.
However, we are still victims of pre established rules of the market, that expects us to be fully accomplished in many different fields; especially in the fashion industry, which dictates too high and standardized beauty rules, making victims inside and out its circle.

As consequence many "normal" women feel devalued for not looking like the models who are on magazines or appear on TV !

In the 21st century ,how do you really see the women ?

This picture is for the sake of diversity.

Model : kimberley Nutbey
Makeup : Marihen Gimenez

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Sara Westmaas About

Differences, that is what makes us beautiful as a human race !
Respect the differences and give yourself a chance to enrich your soul.
We all matter !

Model : Adelaide Alicia Matuzeyi

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